30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)

30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)

Description & Details

Evan Marshall and his team took their extensive knowledge of Ocean Alexander and masterfully revolutionized our legacy. Introducing the 30R – a yacht unlike anything we’ve ever built.

Powerful engines. Unwavering safety. Luxurious spaces. Breathtaking views. They transformed everything without sacrificing anything. Prepare to blow everyone away at the dock with her sleek new design. The new full-width main deck expands living space without compromising the incredible performance and efficiency we’re known for.

Picture it: making your way from the massive on-deck master to grab a martini from the new wet-bar island in the salon. You take a deep breath, marveling at the near 360° view of the sunset coming through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Then, you sit back and gaze at the stars over the endless sea from the newly designed beach house.

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30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)
30 Revolution Ocean Alexander (Skylounge)

Highlighted Details & Specifications

  • General:
  • The Yacht is constructed in high-density closed-cell structural foam. High density foam allows for high temperature and advantages in thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Longitudinal and lateral fiberglass foam-core stringers.
  • Fiberglass with infusion lamination manufacturing technology, increases strength by 20% and reduces weight by 18% compared to hand-layup.
  • Reinforced collision bulkhead.
  • Cross-knit carbon fiber in high stress areas to increase structural integrity and torsional strength.
  • Water-tight bulkheads with sound and temperature insulation.
  • Ocean Alexander employs various techniques to reduce sound and vibration. Some of these techniques include multiple insulation barriers including reflective materials, absorptive materials, dampening materials, air pockets and flexible isolation mounts for controlling sound and noise transmission.
  • Painted exterior surfaces with professional grade epoxy-based primers and Alexseal polyurethane paint resulting in the highest gloss retention compared with gelcoat or other paint brands.
  • All exterior hardware to be 316 stainless steel or per manufacturer requirements.
  • Aluminum components meet marine grade 5086 or 6061 specification.
  • Engine foundation: Main engine stringer will be constructed from stainless-steel plates custom formed to encapsulate over engine structural stringers. Allows for industry leading support and isolation.
  • Frameless windows.
  • Hull/Bottom:
  • Interior structural components all bonded to hull.
  • Three coats of “self-polishing” antifouling bottom paint shall be applied on three anti-blister epoxy barrier coats, “Seahawk” paint or equal.
  • Rub rail w/ 316 stainless-steel striking plate.
  • Bronze through-hull fittings.
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  • Main Engines:
  • MAN® V12 1900 HP engine “MAN Gold Standard” includes: 60-month warranty on main components: crankcase, crankshaft, connection rods and flywheel.
  • Stainless-steel engine beds and stainless-steel removable rails on side of engines.
  • Delta-T® intake/exhaust fans with variable frequency drives shall be mounted to facilitate the intake and/or exhaust of air through the machinery spaces and providing a high air exchange rate. Air intake & exhaust ducts shall have fire dampers installed with manual and automatic triggering that shall be tied into the machinery shut down circuits.
  • Delta-T® moisture eliminators shall be installed at front of intake and exhaust ducts.
  • Delta-T® fans for engine exhaust located on superstructure vs hull side. Maximizes water protection and salt spray intrusion into engine space, extending life of engine room components.
  • Ocean Alexander employs aerospace grade “autoclave” to make “hard coat” exhaust. Further, AL- 6XN alloy is used (also used in Saturn V rocket nozzle) for spray ring in exhaust system to lower heat transmission) Ocean Alexander is unique in utilizing Military standards that ensures optimum and sustained performance in its exhaust system.
  • Engine raw water-cooling using cupronickel 90/10 which offers superior corrosion resistance and inherent bio-antifouling.
  • Shafting / Propellers / Steering:
  • Ocean Alexander designed oversized shafts, rudder, and other drive train systems typically one- class larger than the competition. This results in superior handling and longevity in the Ocean Alexander drive-train system.
  • High performance computer designed and machined Nibral propellers.
  • Twin Disc® hydraulic steering system.
  • Stainless-steel rudders w/integrated zinc plates.
  • Windlass / Mooring:
  • Dual (2) hydraulic vertical anchor windlass with foot switch.
  • Dual (2) 240 lbs. anchors with 250’ chain each side, attached to the anchors with stainless steel high-tensile swivels.
  • Hands-free anchor chain wash system. Automatic operation for freshwater cleaning of chain during anchor operation.
  • Two 1500W, 24VDC motor capstans on Aft Deck, with foot switches.
  • Air Conditioning:
  • Dometic® chilled water system air conditioning system, rated for “Extreme Tropical Climates” (with reverse cycle heat for operation down to 40°F water temp).
  • Refrigerant type is accepted worldwide under the Montreal Protocols.
  • Dedicated engine room air conditioning.
  • Ocean Alexander Clean Air System incorporates Nano-mesh UV sterilization technology to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, mold, virus, fumes, and odors. System has no moving parts, is completely silent and ozone free. Ensures fresher, cleaner, and healthier air onboard.
  • Other Notable Features:
  • Heavy-duty commercial grade pantograph windshield wiper & washer with intermittent function
  • BuellTM heavy-duty, 3-trumpet horn
  • Fireboy engine room fire extinguisher system with engine-shutdown feature.
  • Ocean Alexander proprietary “dry bilge ventilation system” with dedicated bilge exhaust to outside. This provides constant airflow to keep the bilges dry and mildew free.
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  • Fresh Water System:
  • 316 stainless-steel water tank with sight gauge tested to RINA standards. RINA Pleasure Yachts 2021 _Pt. B Ch.1 Sec.1_5.14.1.
  • HeadhunterTM fresh-water system.
  • Freshwater wash down at bow, stern, and upper deck.
  • Dockside water connection.
  • Two 38-gallon hot water heater with high density insulation and dual high efficiency heating elements that speed heating by 50%.
  • Fuel System:
  • Marine grade aluminum fuel tanks with sight gauges and high- & low-level alarms, welded and pressure-tested to RINA standard. RINA Pleasure Yachts 2021 _Pt. B Ch.1 Sec.4.
  • Stainless-steel fuel piping system.
  • Fuel transfer pump.
  • Fuel tank vent breather with breathing capacity fulfils the RINA requirements. Provided with an easily cleaned stainless steel (AISI 316) gauze, which functions as a flame arrester. RINA Pleasure Yachts 2021_Pt. B Ch.1 Sec.9 _7.1.8.
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  • AC/DC System:
  • OctoPlexTM NEMA 2000 electrical safety/security control system. Based on aerospace technology for remote activation, control and status reporting of all AC and DC breakers. Monitors all power sources (AC and DC) for voltage, frequency and amperage abnormalities and provide visual and audio alerts. Includes enhanced circuit breaker functionality with no-load indication. Brown-out capabilities provides sensors for main doors, tank level, bilge and battery monitoring of current, voltage and temperature.
  • This security/safety automatic monitoring and alert capabilities include using Apple iPad or Android for remote access to operate, view, and arm OctoPlexTM data and navigation system with remote notification accessibility
  • Shore power connections: Two CM-8 100Amp cable master with 90’ cables with Iso-boost which manages voltage drops due to shore power by boosting output voltage, thus keeping electric system stable.
  • Lightning protection system. Lightning arrestor pole installed on mast with dedicated ground cable to grounding plate attached to underwater hull surface. Minimizes potential lightning strike damage to yacht electrical and critical systems
  • Navigation Package:
  • Garmin 8700 Series Black Box with (3) 24” touch screens.
  • Garmin GRID remote input device installed on helm chair.
  • Garmin 25KW Open Array Radar.
  • Garmin Autopilot GHC20.
  • Garmin VHF and Card Reader.
  • Garmin Black box depth sounder.
  • Garmin AIS with NMEA GPS.
  • Garmin Marine Camera (2 in engine room and 1 aft deck).
  • KVH® TracVision®UHD7 satellite TV antenna.
  • Ritchie Compass 5".
  • iPad with built-in Garmin App for navigational control/viewing via iPad.
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Accommodations/Interior & Exterior Details
  • Interior/Exterior Décor:
  • Yacht quality Italian door hardware.
  • Windows with dramatic architectural details allowing for greater visibility and incoming natural light.
  • Hardtop with dedicated custom removable 316 stainless-steel ladder to navigational electronics.
  • Elliptical 316 stainless-steel handrails & stanchions.
  • White non-skid decks.
  • 316 stainless-steel cleats.
  • One 316 fiberglass flag pole at stern.
  • Side boarding gates in cockpit.
  • Flush-mounted deck lights.
  • Sun pads at bow.
  • Wet bar with refrigerator on bridge & aft main deck.
  • Single manual helm seat at steering station.
  • Flush mounted deck lights.
  • Side boarding gate in cockpit.
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