28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge

28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge

Description & Details

Evan Marshall and his team took their extensive knowledge of Ocean Alexander and masterfully revolutionized our legacy. Introducing the 28R Ocean Alexander Motoryacht Open Bridge – a yacht unlike anything we’ve ever built.

Powerful engines. Unwavering safety. Luxurious spaces. Breathtaking views. They transformed everything without sacrificing anything. Prepare to blow everyone away at the dock with her sleek new design. The new full-width main deck expands living space without compromising the incredible performance and efficiency we’re known for.

Picture it: making your way from the massive on-deck master to grab a martini from the new wet-bar island in the salon. You take a deep breath, marveling at the near 360° view of the sunset coming through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Then, you sit back and gaze at the stars over the endless sea from the newly designed beach house.


28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
28 Revolution Ocean Alexander Open Bridge
  • • Vinylester resin with high-density structural foam. High density allows for high temperature resistivity and particular advantage in thermal and acoustic insulation. (Usually only found in vessels 100’+)
  • • Longitudinal and lateral fiberglass stringers filled with high-density foam
  • • Ocean Alexander employs various techniques to reduce sound and vibration. Focusing on providing a quiet and comfortable yachting environment through various proprietary techniques of controlling sound and noise transmission. Some of these techniques include, multiple insulation barriers including reflective materials, absorptive materials, dampening materials, air pockets and flexible and isolation mounts. Ultimately resulting in vibration/sounds levels that are industry leading and at times 1/2 to 1/10 of ISO-6954 requirements (Unique OA feature)
  • • Fiberglass with infusion lamination manufacturing technology
  • • Reinforced collision bulkhead
  • • Frameless window
  • • All exterior hardware to be S/S 316 or to manufacturer requirements
  • • Weather-tight bulkheads with further sound and temperature insulation
  • • Painted exterior surface with professional grade Alexseal polyurethane paint andepoxy based primers. Highest gloss and color retention compared with gelcoat or other paint brands. Guarantee color match by Alexseal. No fading, yellowing and minimum maintenance with no annual compounded necessary on exterior paint. For first 3 years just use soap and water (Unique OA standard feature, not an optional upcharge like competitors).
  • • Marine grade aluminum beams for floors, walls and ceiling. Provides greater rigidity and monolithic structure. Reduces movements and “abrasive” sounds while underway. Also allows for one of the largest uninterrupted glass/window spans in the industry. (Unique OA feature)
  • • Use of cross-knit directional carbon fiber in high stress area for added structural integrity and torsional strength
  • • Engine Foundation: Main engine stringer/foundation will be constructed from S/S plates custom formed to encapsulate over engine structural stringers. Allows for industry leading high support, high level and isolation. King-sized berth (with independently coiled his & her sections to ensure minimal transfer of movement. (Unique Ocean Alexander Feature)
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  • • Black boot top stripe
  • • Interior structural components all bonded to hull
  • • Three coats of Seahawk primer, hi-build epoxy barrier coat and covered with three coats of Seahawk self polishing bottom paint (unique OA feature, optional on competitors)
  • • Fiberglass rub rail w/s/s striking plate
  • • Broze through hull fitting
  • • MTU® 10V2000 1600HP engine includes 24-month warranty
  • • Engine alarm system, for low oil pressure and high water temperature
  • • S/S engine beds
  • • Automated computerized Delta-T® intake/exhaust fans with variable frequency drives shall be mounted to facilitate the pushing and/or pulling of air through the machinery spaces and the providing of a high rate of air exchange. Ducts shall have fire dampers installed with manual/ automatic triggering that shall be tied into the machinery shut down circuits. Ducts in way of interior living space shall be insulated and soundproofed. System of water separator grills used on intake and exhaust sides of system
  • • Adjustable/Reversible Delta-T® fans for engine exhaust located on superstructure instead of hull side. Maximizes water protection and salt spray, resulting in safer and lower maintenance ownership (Unique OA feature)
  • • Stabilizer (if selected) with power take-off from both engines to provide redundancy (Unique OA feature)
  • • One control station: skylounge with complete engine instrumentation with modern switches.
  • • Ocean Alexander employs aerospace grade “autoclave” to make “hard coat” exhaust with AL-6XN alloys (used in Saturn V rocket nozzle). Ocean Alexander is unique in utilizing Military standards that ensures optimum and sustained performance in its exhaust system.)
  • • Engine raw water cooling using cupronickel 90.10 which offers superior corrosion resistance and inherent bio- antifouling. (Unique OA Standard Feature, usually found on 150’+ yachts)
  • • Hydraulic steering system
  • • Steering control station with complete instrumentation
  • • S/S rudders w/integrated zinc plates
  • • Dripless seal for rudder post
  • • High performance computer designed and machined Nibral propeller
  • • Interior steering wheel Ultraleather wrapped
  • • Maintenance free “dripless” seals for engine shaft packing glands
  • • Propeller shaft Aqua 22HS. 22HS is a high-grade austenitic alloy stainless steel that provides superior corrosion resistance (comparable to Aqua 22) along with excellent toughness and high strength (comparable with Aqua 17). A no-compromised approach adopted by navies around the world
  • • Stidd® mechanical helm seats
  • • Kohler® 55KW genset includes 2-year warranty (2x)
  • • Generator exhausts to be water-drop type per “Centek”, “Marine Exhaust Co.” or equal. Reduces noise & vibration
  • • Generator set resiliently mounted and installed with sound shield & vibration dampener (Unique OA feature)
  • • Dual Hydraulic windlasses, VWCLP4000
  • • Dual S/S anchors 240 lbs. from hull sides w/ 250ft anchor chain (1/2" HT) & chain stoppers.
  • • Integral roller and chain stopper with anchor winch
  • • Two vertical electric rope winches for Aft Deck (Standard versus competitors’ optional)
  • • Chain counter
  • • Hands-free anchor chain wash system–allows for cleaning of chain during anchor operation (Unique OA feature)
  • • 55HP bow and 40HP stern thrusters (standard versus competitor's optional)
  • OTHER:
  • • Stainless steel rails on side of engine and stainless steel engine mounting plates (Unique Ocean Alexander engineering affords industry leading torsional rigidity and engine alignment assurance. Further reducing vibration and high torque pressures)
  • • Color-coded piping system for easy identification
  • • Hydraulic 1,500-lb swim platform
  • • Fire extinguisher system with engine-shutdown feature
  • • Sea Recovery 1400G/Day water maker w/auto fresh water flush operation, PH Neutralizer, UV sterilizer and Commercial Pre-filter (US Coast Guard 14 person unit, Standard versus competitors’ optional)
  • • All engine room and bilge spaces shall be primed and top coated with polyurethane paint system.
  • • Heavy-duty commercial grade pantograph windshield wipers & washers w/ intermittent function
  • • Detailed stringers in engine room & lazarette
  • • Ocean Alexander proprietary “dry bilge ventilation system” with dedicated bilge exhaust to outside. This provides constant airflow to keep the bilges dry and mildew free.
  • •Any moisture from condensation is evacuated outside the yacht to keep a clean and healthy cruising environment.
  • • Ocean Alexander design in oversized shafts, rudder and other drive train systems typically one-class larger than competition. Superior handling, longevity is ensured with Ocean Alexander drive-train systems.
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  • • 2mm thickness 316 S/S water tank w/ sight gauge
  • • Headhunter™ pressure fresh-water system
  • • Fresh-water outlet with hose for engines & generator
  • • Cold fresh-water wash down at bow, stern and flybridge
  • • Dockside water connection
  • • One 80-gallon water heater with high density fiberglass insulation w/ dual high efficiency heating element that speeds heating by 50%
  • • Sight gauges for all tanks
  • • 4.5mm thickness 5052 Aluminum fuel tanks with sight gauges and tested to International Standards 33CFR 510(a) w/ high and low fuel level alarm system
  • • Dual Racor® fuel/water separator with Y-valves for engine & generator
  • • Gulfcoast™ Fuel polishing system based on US Military Abrahams-M1 Tank design (Standard versus competitors’ optional)
  • • Dual MTU® fuel filter w/ remote readout of filter performance. (Unique OA standard, usually found on 150’+ vessels)
  • • Filler for fuel tanks on both sides with individual tank vents. (Unlike others where fueling is only possible on 1 side. This unique OA feature allows for concurrent and faster fueling & negates need to move boat to complete fueling)
  • • Fuel system with venting and “catchment system” designed for burps or overflow accidents (Unique OA feature. Often ignored by competitors which can lead to high fines and insurance cancellation)
  • • ECOmar waste treatment system (600Gal/day)
  • • Oversized drains to overboard
  • • Automatic bilge pump - The vessel shall be outfitted with automatic bilge pump with manual and automatic switches in each space as divided by weather-tight bulkheads. High water alarms will be mounted in each of these bilge zones
  • • High water bilge alarm at every Rule® bilge pump station
  • • Dry bilge area arrangement in center engine room
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  • • AC outlets throughout
  • • All primary AC & DC electrical wiring is appropriately labeled throughout the yacht
  • • GFI (110V) AC outlet in potential “wet” areas. In addition, entire boat is dual protected via ELCI Octoplex breakers. (OA is unique in the industry to provide dual protection GFCI & ELCI)
  • • 24 Volt system
  • • Engine battery isolation switches
  • • AGM Batteries with 40F to 140F operating temp and industry leading low self discharge rates 1 to 3% Octoplex NMEA 2000 Network electrical control systems
  • • Based on aerospace technology for remote activation, control and status reporting of AC and DC breakers. Monitors power sources (AC and DC) for voltage, frequency and amperage abnormalities and provide visual and audio alerts. Includes enhanced circuit breaker functionality with no-load indication, dimming usage information with touch screen monitor that is user reconfigurable. Brown-out configurable control through auto load shedding is included where operator designated equipment (e.g. navigation and other essential systems) remains powered-on while automatically switching other systems off. Octoplex NMEA 2000 Vessel system monitor system. Provides main access doors, tank level, bilge level and battery monitoring of current, voltage and temp. (Unique OA standard feature, not an optional upcharge like competitors)
  • • Shore power receptacle with Iso-Boost 2 x 100 AMP in transom w/cable master (OA is unique in making this a standard vs. optional. Cleans & boosts questionable shore power to better protect sensitive equipment onboard.)
  • • 100 AMP Charger
  • • Heavy-duty batteries
  • • Battery paralleling system w/ control switch
  • • Service battery switch
  • • Bonding system throughout
  • • The vessel's bonding and grounding systems shall include copper straps secured to the hull and running the full length of the vessel parallel to centerline. Engines, generators, metallic through hulls, strainers, and pump bodies shall be connected to the bonding strap using 8 AWG wire minimum or equivalent
  • • Dometic® chilled water system air conditioning system, rated for “Extreme Tropical Climates” (with reverse cycle for operation down to 40°F water temp)
  • • Refrigerant type is accepted worldwide under the Montreal Protocols.
  • •Dedicated engine room air conditioning
  • • Where possible A/C exits from custom made ceiling panels hidden from view. Shortens A/C ducting thus improving efficiency and speed of cooling by over 20%. Also reduces dB reading by over 7 dB (Design cues from 135)
  • • 24V LED lights (Aerospace quality, specially tuned color temperature for Ocean Alexander
  • • Convenience lights
  • • International navigation lights
  • NAVIGATION PACKAGE: (Standard versus competitors’ optional, savings valued at $100,000+):
  • • Garmin 8600 Series Black Box with 24” Touch screen (Three screens sky lounge station)
  • • Garmin GRID remote input device installed on helm chair
  • • Garmin 25KW Open Array Radar
  • • Garmin Autopilot GHC20
  • • Garmin VHF and Card Reader
  • • Garmin Blackbox sounder
  • • Garmin AIS with NMEA GPS
  • • Garmin Marine Camera (2 in engine room and 1 aft deck)
  • • HD7 with DIRECTTV® receivers
  • Ocean Alexander 90R02 Page 7 of 18
  • • Ritchie Compass 5"
  • • iPad with built-in Garmin App for navigational control/viewing via iPad
  • • Navigational electronics standard versus optional with competitors
  • OTHER:
  • • VimarTM switches and outlets
  • • These security/safety automatic monitoring and alert
  • abilities include using Apple iPad or Android for wireless access to operate, view, and alarm Octoplex data and navigation system with a fully customizable screen layout, and remote notification (cell phone) capability.
  • • These monitoring abilities include: Main Engines and Generators, AC Monitoring, DC House Bank Battery Monitoring, Engine Room Weather-tight Bulkhead Doors, Tank Levels, Fire System, Bilge Level (High-water), Exterior Door Sensors
  • • Unique OA standard feature, not an optional upcharge like competitors
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  • • King-sized berth (with independently coiled his & her sections to ensure minimal transfer of movement. Unique Ocean Alexander Feature)
  • • Two nightstands with stone countertops
  • • Hidden safe in hanging locker
  • • Walk-in closet on Port & STBD sides
  • • Enlarged windows with custom engineered solution incorporating aluminum beams and “sandwiched glass” construction technique from classed vessel
  • • Cedar-lined, twin full-height hanging locker with automatic lighting
  • • Cabinet including wet bar, fridge & ice maker w/ solid panel door and storage
  • • FB flip-up hatch
  • • Wood valance board
  • • Wood desk
  • • Settee with table
  • • Chart locker
  • SALON:
  • • Wood paneling and cabinetry
  • • Evan K Marshall custom design salon furniture and sofa.
  • • Stone countertop at wet bar and dining room divider cabinet
  • • Custom designed window mullion
  • • Decorative ceiling treatment
  • • Enlarged windows in salon with custom engineered solution incorporation marine grade aluminum beams allowing for industry leading window expanse. Incorporate (where possible) A/C outlet from ceiling, provides unobstructed view to outside (Design cues from 135)
  • • Cabinet including wet bar, fridge & ice maker
  • • Cedar-lined hanging locker with automatic lighting
  • • Kitchenette (sink, microwave, and refrigerator w/icemaker)
  • • Storage locker
  • • Drawers under bunk
  • • Captain quarters includes desk with storage and N2KView linked Apple IPad for systems diagnostics/alerts/settings. Full height hanging closet
  • • Queen-sizedberth
  • • Woodpanelingandcabinetry
  • • Drawers under berth
  • • Cedar-lined hanging locker with automatic lighting
  • • Outdoor Beach Club with sliding doors that meet sea- state V structural design parameters. Including glass, sensors for open and close positions and inflated gasket for water seal. All to Sea-state V parameters
  • • Settee w/ table
  • • Cabinet including wet bar, fridge w/ ice maker
  • • Dedicated air conditioning
  • • Sliding weathertight door to swim platform
  • • Wood paneling and cabinetry
  • • Interior ceiling panels removable
  • • Evan Marshall designed interior pilot station and display pod. With matching wood/ Ultraleather and “floating” display pod. Ergonomically designed and laid out to enhance pilot experience/performance. (Design cues from 135)
  • • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • • Air extraction in each head shall be by low noise extraction fans, switched separately from lights
  • • High quality European door locks
  • • Cedar-lined, hanging locker with auto lighting
  • • Fabric covered walls for lower walkway walls
  • • Concealed hinges throughout interior cabinets
  • • Ergonomically designed mattresses and settees
  • • Washer/ dryer (Commercial quality, Energy star washer/dryer) in lower foyer
  • • Refrigerator in lower foyer
  • • Port/Star staterooms side-by-side berths can slide together and convert to single queen berth.
  • • $50,000 décor allowance for carpet, bed spreads, and soft goods
  • • USB power plug at skylounge and inside MSR nightstand
  • • Wood panel and cabinetry with positive-latch doors or proprietary drop-lock drawers. Provides containment of stored objects while underway (Std. feature often ignore by competitor)
  • • Galley storage cabinetry w/hidden hinges
  • • Stone countertops
  • • Franke™ professional series kitchen sink w/ pull out tap
  • • Exhaust blower
  • • Overhead dish locker fwd & STBD
  • • 30” Bosch™ electric cook top
  • • 30” Bosch™ electric oven
  • • Fisher & Pakyel® Refrigerator w/ice maker
  • • U-Line® wine cooler
  • • Whirlpool™ garbage disposal
  • • 30" Thermador™ Over-the Range Microwave with exhaust blower
  • • Asko™ dishwasher
  • • 15” Jenn-Air™ trash compactor
  • • Seagull™ water purifier (ADEX design award winner w/ filtration to 0.1 microns & EPA certification for microbiological purification
  • HEADS:
  • • Wood paneling and cabinetry
  • • Stone countertops with china sink
  • • Seamless fiberglass stall shower w/ one-piece glass door. Industry leading seamless one-piece shower stall design provides long term protection against moisture, water intrusion behind the shower panels - leading to foul odors and water damage (Unique OA feature)
  • • Shower door shall use “crystal clear” glass custom made for Ocean Alexander. Providing superior transparency and reflectiveness. Together with custom made for Ocean Alexander “minimalist and transparent water strips” provides a unique Ocean Alexander proprietary “Crystal Shower”
  • • Cabinet with mirror door above sink
  • • Air extraction in each head shall be by low noise extraction fans
  • • Tecma TM toilet system throughout with unique Ocean Alexander proprietary “Toilet lock out” system. Provides “lock out” of flushing when holding tank is full. Prevents accidental spillage or “blow back” often found on competitor yachts. Tankage status and alarm is standard via N2KView monitoring system.
  • • Custom bathroom fixtures
  • • Stone countertops and back splash in heads with china sink
  • • Hardtop with dedicated custom S/S ladder to navigational electronics (Standard versus optional with competitors)
  • • 2” elliptical 316L Stainless steel handrails & stanchions, main deck 1-1/2” on FB. Elliptical conforms better to human grip than traditional round rails. Provides greater “grip strength” for safety and comfort (Unique OA feature)
  • • 316 stainless-steel cleats
  • • Elec. stainless-steel sliding doors for salon and skylounge with safety light curtain that senses obstruction and protect for grandkids/pets. Also includes “foot-kick button” control for operation when both hands with full food trays/other items.
  • • White non-skid fly bridge decks
  • • 24” Electri-Chef™ electric barbecue custom-made for OA using 316 S/S, versus competitors’ 304 materials.
  • • Flybridge seat w/ high gloss table
  • • Fiberglass stairway up to Flybridge from cockpit w/teak steps
  • • High bulwark w/ flush-mounted deck lights
  • • Side boarding gates in cockpit
  • • Sunpad and settee at bow
  • • Exterior ceiling panels removable
  • • Custom designed fender storage at foredeck
  • • Safety first aid kit
  • • Fenders, lines, flare kit, throw ring, fire extinguishers, bell
  • • Wheel Puller for ship propellers
  • • Chocks
  • • 12-man life raft in valise bag
  • • 2 sets of bed linens on all berths with pillows and towels
  • • Dinner china including dinner/salad/dessert plates, soup bowls, tea cup and saucers, casserole dish, salt & pepper shakers
  • • Flatware including steak knife, dinner knife, fork, spoon and dessert/teaspoon, salad forks, serving spoons & fork
  • • Table placemats, napkins, water/white/red/champagne wine glasses
  • • Galley cookware/pans.
  • • Toaster, electric mixer, measuring cup, rubber/metal/ plastic spatulas, mixing bowls
  • • Chef knives, cutting boards, coffee machine, iron VESSEL SUPPORT (Unique OA Standard feature):
  • • Orientation: Prior to deliver, the owner and/or captain is provided with dockside orientation on the operation of vessel systems by Ocean Alexander personnel.
  • • Customer Support : OA customer support is on-call 24/7 to support owner and crew.
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