Regal Yachts & Boats

Regal is one of the largest family-owned-and-operated boat manufacturing companies in the world, with factories in Orlando, Florida, and Valdosta, Georgia. With 650,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and as many as 700 plus team members, they are well equipped to build some of the best boats in the world. Regal is dedicated to making boat owners around the world not just reach their destination, but be a part of an exceptionally better experience. Our Regal’s yachts and boats for sale are truly world class. Alexander Marine USA is a proud Regal yacht and boat dealer. We have new and pre-owned Regal yachts and boats for sale—some can even be semi-customized to your liking. We want to make your experience out on the water a truly exceptional one with the help of our Regal yachts.

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